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Operation M.A.C.H. (Martial Arts Community Help). Founded by Soke Sam Gervasi in 1996. The main focus of this Operation is to provide help to those individuals in our community who are in genuine need of help. Our help ranges from putting smiles on children's faces through our Martial Arts demonstrations to gardening, lawn mowing, cleaning, painting and repairing odd things that need work.  

Make a dream come true is also a service that we offer through Operation MACH. Being a childlhood dream or an adult dream, but because of a disability, accident or illness, it has not been possible. Help us to make someone's dream come true.

There are currently a couple of hundred members in our group who are providing voluntary help. This number is increasing as we have new members joining our organisation. We are a determined group of people who go out of our way to care for our community and would do practically anything to put smiles on the faces of those in need.

The number of people who are requesting our help is increasing as they are becoming aware of our Operation. We are not charging for any of our services.  However as the demand for our services increases we are finding it difficult to provide the basic necessities and equipment that we need to carry out this Operation successfully.
Because our services are free sponsorship or donation of any kind would help in our endeavour to provide this service.

We would like Operation M.A.C.H. to operate World Wide any Organization who would like to support this great cause, as volunteers or by donating, please contact
Or phone: (03) 9336-7222 


190 Roberts Road, Airport West, Victoria, Australia 3042
(03) 9336-7211


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