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1 A Matter Of Time Magnum
2 A Summer Season Laurie Costabile
3 After You Robin Bates
4 All Or Nothing Fools Faith
5 All The Dreams And All The Past Times Michael Charles
6 Angel Eyes Magnum
7 Angel Eyes Michael Charles
8 Anymore The Initiative - Nino Bisignano
9 As It Grows Level Edge
10 Beats Working Hey Gringo
11 Believe The Initiative - Taylor Penrose
12 Better Day Level Edge
13 Black White Almost Blues
14 Blah Blah Level Edge
15 Blink Of An Eye Poetic Kaos
16 Blue Horizon Poetic Kaos
17 Breakaway Matt Katsis
18 Breakout Laurie Costabile
19 Bring Back Your love Magnum
20 Broken Hearted Again Michael Charles
21 Can't Get Your Face Off My Mind The Initiative - Natalie & Zachary Wilksch
22 Can't Love myself Today Hey Gringo
23 Can't Say No Hey Gringo
24 Child Is Blue Almost Blues
25 Coming Back Home Magnum
26 Computer Age Robin Bates
27 Crawling On The Floor Michael Charles
28 Crazy Girl Joe Mandica
29 Crazy Heart Claudio Parente
30 Didn't Take The Time Joe Mandica
31 Don't Slip Almost Blues
32 Down The Track Hey Gringo
33 Drowning In Your Arms Kristen Virag
34 Dumb Pump Hey Gringo
35 Everlasting Love Michael Charles
36 Every Little Thing The Initiative - Fortunato Isgro
37 Every Star Is A Setting Sun For Someone Emmy Bryce
38 Everything Will Be Fine Kristen Virag
39 Feel The Magic Michael Charles
40 Fool To Myself Daryl Roberts
41 Fooling Around Michael Charles
42 Funk_N_Blues Michael Charles
43 Gave You My Heart Michael Charles
44 Get On My Line Magnum
45 Get The Funk Out Hey Gringo
46 Getting It Together The Initiative - Marty Penrose feat. Taylor Penrose
47 Gives Me Everything The Initiative - Taylor Penrose
48 Gone (But Not Forgotten) Michael Charles
49 Gorgie Hey Gringo
50 Head, Heart, Hands & Feet Hey Gringo
51 Heaven Michael Charles
52 I Fools Faith
53 I Ain't Gonna Be Your Fool No More Hey Gringo
54 I Am The one Michael Charles
55 I Can't Say No Hey Gringo
56 I Just Can't Wait Joe Mandica
57 Ice Age Sound of Troy
58 If Daryl Roberts
59 If Only Sound of Troy
60 If You Don't Be There By Morning Magnum
61 In My Heart Michael Charles
62 Infantcidalhood Level Edge
63 Inner Cage Level Edge
64 Its All Over Fools Faith
65 It's Not To Late Daryl Roberts
66 It's True The Initiative - Grace Marino
67 It's Your Life Magnum
68 I've Been Gone Hey Gringo
69 Jane Almost Blues
70 Keep Thinking Of You The Initiative - Fortunato Isgro
71 Keep Walking Michael Charles
72 Let It Go Daryl Roberts
73 Let's Work Together Hey Gringo
74 Lies Fools Faith
75 Lies Matt Katsis
76 Life Is A Mistery Hey Gringo
77 Like You Do The Initiative - Joe Mandica
78 Limbo Man Hey Gringo
79 Live & Learn Hey Gringo
80 Long Way To Go Michael Charles
81 Look Into My Eyes Joe Mandica
82 Looking For A Girl Joe Mandica
83 Loose Myself Laurie Costabile
84 Loose Myself Frank Amorosi
85 Louder Then Silence Daryl Roberts
86 Lovin' It Level Edge
87 MC Shuffle Michael Charles
88 MC Shuffle (Part 2) Michael Charles
89 Misunderstood Daryl Roberts
90 Most Times We Got It Michael Charles
91 Motivation Almost Blues
92 Must Be On My Own Michael Charles
93 My Belongs Joe Mandica
94 My Shadow Michael Charles
95 My Woman Darn Left Me Michael Charles
96 Never Get out Almost Blues
97 Next Step Hey Gringo
98 Nice To See Almost Blues
99 No Difference To Me Daryl Roberts
100 No Doubt About It Hey Gringo
101 Nobody Knows When You're Down & Out  Michael Charles
102 Not Bad The Rudy-V Alliance
103 Nothing Is What it Seems Daryl Roberts
104 Ordinary Fools Faith
105 Out Level Edge
106 Outta Reef Hey Gringo
107 Pain And Misery Michael Charles
108 Passion Without Love Michael Charles
109 Past 35 Hey Gringo
110 Picture In My Head Michael Charles
111 Play Something We Know Hey Gringo
112 Point Of No Return Michael Charles
113 Possession Fools Faith
114 Queensland Hey Gringo
115 Reality Check The Rudy-V Alliance
116 Reminisce The Rudy-V Alliance
117 Right Here Inside My Heart Joe Mandica
118 Running Wild Michael Charles
119 Seen It All Before Hey Gringo
120 She's My Woman Michael Charles
121 Simple Day Living Michael Charles
122 So Much of Me In You Michael Charles
123 Someday Daryl Roberts
124 Sometimes Joe Mandica
125 Sonshine The Rudy-V Alliance
126 Started Again Michael Charles
127 Summer Seasons Frank Amorosi
128 Summer Seasons Laurie Costabile
129 Survive The Initiative - Grace Marino
130 T.T.M.B. Michael Charles
131 Take Me As I Am Hey Gringo
132 Thank The Lord The Rudy-V Alliance
133 Thanks The Rudy-V Alliance
134 That Part Of Me Michael Charles
135 The Only One Who Knows Level Edge
136 The Wind Michael Charles
137 Then The Light Came On The Initiative - Joe Mandica & Marty Penrose
138 Think About It Hey Gringo
139 Ticket To Go Hey Gringo
140 Time Sound of Troy
141 Trouble Michael Charles
142 Truck Hey Gringo
143 Uno Level Edge
144 Up To You Matt Katsis
145 Vamp Michael Charles
146 Vision Of Tow Michael Charles
147 Waiting Matt Katsis
148 Walk Down Almost Blues
149 Walking Back To You Hey Gringo
150 Wall Of Stone Daryl Roberts
151 Want The Rudy-V Alliance
152 War Hero Michael Charles
153 What Do You Know The Rudy-V Alliance
154 What's A Man Gotta Do Hey Gringo
155 When You Want it Hey Gringo
156 Where Did All The Good Times Go The Initiative - Joe Mandica & Grace Marino
157 Where Did All The Good Times Go Joe Mandica
158 Who I Be The Rudy-V Alliance
159 Whoops Level Edge
160 Winds Up Your Mind The Initiative - Fortunato Isgro
161 Wishing Cup Daryl Roberts
162 Without You Close To Me Magnum
163 Won't Be Home Fools Faith
164 Won't Come Home Joe Mandica
165 Won't Let You Down Hey Gringo
166 Wrong Turn Matt Katsis
167 You Are My Everything Laurie Costabile
168 You Can Have It (If You Want It) Michael Charles
169 You Know What I Mean Hey Gringo
170 You Like Me The Initiative - Nino Bisignano feat. Grace Marino
171 Your Direction Kristen Virag
172 You're The Woman (Who Made My Day) Michael Charles



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