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Photo Gallery Mixed Radio WH 8th Birthday 2014

Founder of Radio Warriorsandhealers Soke Sam Gervasi in the studio at the test broadcast 1st June 2006

Rob Gennari, composer, musician, singer, performing live in the studio 8th June 2006

Jason Singh from the band Taxiride during an interview in the Melbourne Studio 4th July 2006

Shihan Matthew Komp 8th dan Jiu-Jitsu with Soke Sam Gervasi during an interview in the Melbourne studio 8th July 2006

Dr. William Federico and Soke Sam Gervasi during the programme body talk in the Melbourne studio 4th August 2006

Sensei Linda Gervasi in the studio recording DID YOU KNOW 9th August 2006

Sempai Sharon Gervasi in the studio recording UP AND COMING EVENTS/CONCERTS 9th August 2006

Sensei Louise Gervasi in the studio recording ADVERTS AND VOICE OVER 24th October 2006

Soke Sam Gervasi with Drew and Rachel from the band Level Edge 08/11/06

Soke Sam Gervasi and Shihan Richard Norton in the studio during an interview 12th January 2007

Radio Warriorsandhealers banner road show Start 01/02/07






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